The Power of Promotional Products

In today’s competitive landscape, marketing is vital for companies wanting to raise awareness of their brands. But traditional forms of advertising such as radio, television and print have become expensive, have a limited lifespan and don’t allow customers to physically interact with your brand.

So, what’s the solution? Promotional products, of course.

Even in the face of challenging economic conditions, companies in the know continue to spend revenue on branded goods, corporate clothing and promotional gifts using them as an effective way to market their business.

From pens and power banks to notebooks and knife sets, promotional products come in all shapes and sizes. They span all price points too, meaning there is something for almost every budget.


However, their value is not tied to variety alone and cost-effectiveness, particularly when compared to other advertising mediums, is one of the primary reasons why the promotional products market continues to grow.

Promotional products last longer too. And the more attractive or functional the item, the more the recipient will be likely to use it.

In the American and European promotional products markets, advertisers discuss the number of impressions a product makes – which basically refers to the number of times the recipient of that item sees your logo or message.

One industry study found that promotional pens are used on average 64 times in a month. If that’s correct and the advertiser paid R7 per branded pen, it cost the advertiser just 11 cents per impression that month. In other words, 11 cents (every time) for the customer to see their logo, brand or message 64 times!

And therein lies the power of promotional products…


You Know?

The first known promotional products – commemorative buttons – trace back to 1789 when American President George Washington was elected.

The first promotional product trade-show was held in 1914
- there were 32 exhibitors.

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And therein lies the power of promotional Adding a promotional product to your media mix increases
the effectiveness of other media by up to

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Still not sure your clients will be convinced?
No problem, simply read on for more facts and figures they can’t refute!


to hand out promotional products:

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  • At trade-shows, send the most exciting prospects home with a luxury gift.

  • When it comes to promotional products, standing out from the crowd ensures better retention.

  • Employees are brand ambassadors for an organisation; provide them with branded corporate clothing and promotional products.

  • Free gifts encourage people to connect with you on social media.

  • Promotional gifts are a great way to reward fundraisers.

If you have customers who are skeptical about the power of promotional products, share this article with them and they’ll be true believers in no time!

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